Who else keeps getting redirected to utter shit?

I keep getting a pop up to an add or survey or whatever while I'm on this website and it's been going on for a while. It's so irritating

Sorry meant *ad*


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  • I was! It stopped today, but it'll start soon enough. :-/

    • Lol it just went to have dinner. It'll be back :(

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    • Absolutely! Like having it at the bottom and on three right of some pages flashing pink bottoms and red lips is all good, but popping up and not giving you a chance to even load the page properly is total bullshit

    • Oh, those are the only type of ads you're okay with? lol

      And it is because it happens every time, not just once in a while. We'll just have to use adblock. :-/

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  • i don't because i'm above Xper level 8 XD

  • Use ad-block. I have it and there is not single ad on my thing. It's an add-on, you can download it.

    • Why do you need add block when its not supposed to happen anyway

    • It is supposed to happen. Websites allow advertisement so that they can get money.

    • Its like a page that pops up telling you something and it automatically redirects you. Its not those ads at the bottom