Should I be worried?

A coworker of mine has a gf. I just broke up with my boyfriend. He's always been super nice to me : helps me out with things, gives up things he can use ( work wise) to benefit himself so it can benefit me instead, always aware of my oddities ( how I stock shelves, move glasses a certain way-- my general reaction to things )
He often confesses things to me he hasn't told anyone else at work ( his friend situations and his financial situations )
He's called me intelligent but never said I looked sexy or anything about my looksn

I can't tell if he's being super sweet to me because he's just nice or if he has other intentions?

It's well known he's not really big into hugs , but he did ask me for one recently which surprised me.

However, he does have a gf
He's never asked for my # or fb
He's given me dating advice? I went on a date with my boyfriend and he decided to tell me not to be too scared of the date.

I don't know
whaf do you guys think?

I forgot to add that he likes to playfully tease me from time to time -- always adding a " I'm joking" at the end just in case
And brings up slightly revealing things?
How he knows he's viewed sexually, how he has sexual thoughts about something's. Stuff about him being pantless or shirtless


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What Guys Said 1

  • I think you're just over thinking this.
    I personally think he's just a nice guy.
    If he starts to get weird with it, or tries to hook up with you or something, when he still has a girlfriend. Then, I would think something is up. Until then, I think he's just a nice guy.


What Girls Said 1

  • I would proceed with caution. He may like you more as a friend and confidante. Or he may have a sexual interest in you, in which case you do not want to betray his current gf (besides, once a cheater always a cheater!). Just be friendly and wait and see if he and his gf stick together. Would you look at my most recent question please? Thanks!

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