Is he interested?

So there is this guy at school that im pretty sure said I was cute cuz i was in the hallway and it was only him and his friend and I and he looked at me and then said something to his friend about being cute. This also happens to be the same guy who a long time ago was in my mother's business with his famiy and asked if i went to the same school as him and she said yes and he said yeah I've seen her around. So does this mean he is interested cuz my friend said guys dont do that unless they notice you for some reason? And if he is he hasn't tried to talk to me so should i talk to him? ( we aren't friends currently)

Please help me with this!


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  • He just said you were cute. Guys comment on a female's physical appearance all the time. It really doesn't mean anything deeper than that. Unless he approaches you or asks you out, there is nothing else to it.