Can I adjust my timezone?

My messages don't show my timezone. I can't tell how recently I receive or sent messages. The minutes and seconds are the same obviously, but I can't never remember how far ahead my time is from the site's time.

It's not a huge problem, but it's bothered me a number of times and it seems like a simple thing, so...

Can I just not find the option to change timezone in settings or is there really no timezone option?

This is really bothering me again. Why the hell don't we have freaking timezones? So annoying.


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  • I've wondered this too! I hope someone has the answer! It's really confusing when people message me!

    • ikr, even after the layout change and whatnot. Still nothing.

    • Yeah, they should change that. It's really confusing!

    • Thanks for MHO. Did anyone find out anything more about the time in the messaging?

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  • I knoow! Its really annoying sometimes

  • I have this problem too.


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