Does your SO know you're on GaG? Would they be pissed about some of the questions you've asked on here?

A straightforward question. What would your significant other think of you having solicited advice on here? Have you asked any questions on here that you think would anger them if they knew about it - either revealing too much about your situation, or perhaps they'd feel manipulated?

  • My SO knows I'm on GaG and has no problems with it.
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  • My SO learned I'm on GaG and didn't like it.
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  • My SO doesn't know I'm on GaG, but I don't think they'd have issues with anything I've said or asked here.
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  • My SO doesn't know I'm on GaG, but if they saw some of the things I've said, I'd be in trouble.
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  • My SO is on GaG too.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • My significant other knows I'm on GAG because he saw me on the website before. I told him the truth. Said the world has questions and I have answers. I don't think he'd be upset about the questions I've asked. He'd probably laugh since most of them were about my ex.


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  • I guess he knows because he saw an email I got from this site and thought that the name sounded funny :P I don't think he'd have anything against my questions, I have nothing to hide :)


What Guys Said 1

  • My SO knows about it and I even linked her to this question, but she does not have an account.

    Also, she doesn't stalk me enough so that she'd find some of my messier opinions and questions, so that's neat. I do have some stuff on here that I'm not too fond of in retrospect.

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