GAG's recent changes. Did your quote disappear?

When the changes were made recently, for some reason my quote was not there anymore. I like it because it makes me, me. Did this happen to anyone else? or if it did, does it bother you or nah?
Thanks :)


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  • No my profile is exactly the same, I did not have a quote but my picture is still there, and my about me.

    • Hmm... I wonder why some have a quote and some do not? I used to though. Thanks :)

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    • I would maybe contact the site, I just tried a mobile device and saw the quotes.

    • Okay!! Thanks for all you help!! 😊

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  • You mean the quotes on our profiles of our most up voted opinions? Mine is still there.

    • Yeah that one! Even if I didn't have tons of votes, it doesn't matter to me, it's still gone where it used to be there. Thanks though!! :)

    • Interesting. It might just be a glitch then, or are you referring to the mobile version? Because I think on the mobile version the quotes aren't there but on the desktop version, they are.

  • My quote is still on my profile.