They way your age is displayed on here now? Please read below?

How come when you ask or answer a question on here now, sometimes your age shows up in a spectrum (eg 18-24) but sometimes it shows your actual age (eg 19)? How do you keep it in the spectrum (18-24)?


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  • it should only show the range for anons. if it doesn't then notify an admin or something.

    • sorry what does anons mean?

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    • yeah as long as you're not anon it should display your age. see like mine.

    • awesome, thanks!

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  • When you post publicly, your exact age will be shown.
    When you post anonymously, the age group you're part of, will be displayed instead. That way other users won't be able to try to guess your identity based on your age.

  • If you make it anonymous then the range comes up, otherwise its your real age