What do guys prefer?

So I am 5'6 and I weigh 155 lbs. I have been told that it doesn't look like it because most of that is muscle in my legs. However, I do have a small belly and when I say small it's just my lower stomach. I'm working out but I just wanted thoughts from some guys on how women attract them.

  • Girls with a perfectly flat stomach
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  • Girls with curves and a little belly
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  • Bigger girls
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  • I don't care, it's about the personality
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  • Too skinny is not an attractive. Nothing wrong with curves...

    Honestly, there will always be a guy who is attracted to your body type, regardless of what it is, You just need to love it also.


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  • Again, I refer to:

    Additionally, physical descriptions are oft inaccurate. If you wish an actually accurate opinion, you will need to provide a photo.

  • 15%-32% + / - 3% body fat assuming she is my type.

  • It dost matter i girl is allways beautiful and amaxing just be yourself belive in yourself


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  • Please stop harassing me.

    • LMFAO, wrong post! Sorry! I copy and paste from Microsoft because the GAG browser is slow on my computer.
      Girl. Stop. Stop summing the total of your value in “what guys prefer”. It’s not good for your
      self-esteem and no offense, but it’s a tad bit pathetic. You are a grown woman: there are too many vast things to be passionate about to be holding yourself back or molding yourself around ‘what guys prefer’, especially considering that half of those guys aren’t even worth the consideration.
      You should feel attractive because you love yourself, not because a poll on GAG told you that guys like things about you in comparison to other body types.

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    • Here is another valuable lesson that women on G@G can learn... read and answer the damned question, not give unsolicited "Advice" that just makes you look like a bitch.

    • @vet31bsoldier shut your uninvited, rude ass mouth up and stay the fuck off of my posts k hon? You don't get to tell females on GAG how to speak during their answers so hush your mouth and get over your mistaken authority here. Blocked!

  • You have literally described my own body! :O

  • I am the same height as you, and weigh two pounds less than you... but my stomach is stretched because I had a baby.

  • Kate Upton. Case closed.