Why is it that every time I answer or ask a question unanon I get a influx of messages from guys?

Girls does this happen to you?
It's usually from Indians or Turks. And I'm not being hateful! Don't get all defensive, I just find this super annoying.

It could even happen if I don't put up a picture. maybe a little less


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  • Some times I am very glad I am not a woman.

    If I was you, whoever you are, I would change your profile pic to a cartoon or words or something, it might help.

    • It doesn't always. And I find it annoying that I can't put up a picture because some guys are perverted

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    • The only way I could do that is if I kill myself you suggest I do that?

    • Of course not. What I am trying to say is that this world sucks, and a lot of people suck, too. Saying "Guys" are perverted is a convenient, easy way to dismiss and entire gender, which, I might add, is quite sexist.

      Most guys have issues. Some guys are good people. The key is to figure out, and find who is who. I suggest you turn your heart off long enough to listen to your gut instinct.

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  • Because some men are pigs who have no respect for women and feel entitled to harass us.

  • because for some reason people think this is a dating site

    • And because it's unfortunately a common perception among Indians and Turks that Western women are easy.

    • I've never heard that. Really?

    • Unfortunately, yes. I hear it both over here, and from a woman I know who happens to live over there. She's told me some of her experiences with Turkish men. It isn't pretty.

  • It doesn't happen every time I answer or ask a question, but I know what you mean

  • yes super super annoying.

  • Yep, I get this too, even just during the day (though not as much).

  • That's why I'm on anon basically every time I answer or ask anything on here.

    • I'm gonna start doing that.

    • Just saw your update to. Having no pic doesn't help really. I've literally never had my pic up, but I get stupid messages. I even got one because I said I wore my hair in a bun, so some guy started messaging me asking can he take my bun out my hair with his dick. After that one, i just stayed anon forever lol

    • Lol! wtf? It's so so annoying. Some guy asked me if I wanna see his dick. I'm like sure buddy.

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