When a guy gives up on a girl is the sexual attraction still there?

When a guy gives up on a girl he likes/fancies is the sexual attraction still there?

Or does it just fade away? I've always been curious to know this...


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  • It varies from guy to guy, but for me the sexual attraction stays there. You can't control who you're physically attracted to, so just because my feeling's for a romantic relationship fades away, doesn't mean my sexual feelings for her do the same.

  • Personally, whenever I give up on a girl, it means giving up EVERYTHING related to her - including sexual attraction.

    • wow that's depressing to hear... but thank you for being honest

    • You're most welcome!
      But I don't see how it is 'depressing'. I mean... what is the point in keeping the interest in a girl alive, sexual or otherwise, if she doesn't feel the same way? It is better to move on than waste my time and energy, right?

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