Am I the only one having trouble trying to change my profile pic?

I'm not sure if they changed it and like to review our profile picture before actually allowing us to change it; will it just take some time to go into effect, or if there's just something wrong with the system right now.

Either way I've tried to change my profile pic multiple times now and nothing has changed. The only thing that even came close to changing it was the selecting the personality image which it changed right away, but that's obviously not the image that I want and I was able to select my original/previous profile again, but I can't post a new picture.

Help please and thanks in advance.

Or maybe it's just me and you're seeing a different image.

Please let me know what image you see. If it's a cartoon one then it's the wrong one.


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  • Hm I don't know sounds just like a bug I still have the ghost notification.


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  • Yes, its only you.. Right now I changed my profile picture.. If you still have problems send them a message ( girlsaskguys) they can fix it.


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  • I tested changing my profile picture and profile image ( the wolf)
    didn't have no problem doing so.. But i won't count out that there
    isn't something going on.. I do know about week ago they had
    servers outage and almost everyone had their profile picture
    set to default image.. But than everyone was able to set their
    profile picture again.

  • when you go to your profile did you click that pencil on the top left of your screen next to your profile pic?


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