GaG users and administrators, in the future can you please not make such a huge deal out of Valentine's Day here?

Do remember that many of us are here because we are either single and haven't found anyone yet or heartbroken, etc. Whatever it is, many of us are not leading satisfying love lives here.

Honestly, all the hype over Valentine's day with questions and takes about it being featured and now the contest, seems almost like overkill here. Personally, I actually wouldn't have thought too much of Valentine's Day coming had it not been such a hot topic here. Being my first Valentine's Day here on GaG (as a user only since March e1, 2014), this holiday has never felt like such a big deal in the past. I feel like GaG increased my awareness of it with all the racket.

Please GaG users and administrators can we tone it down in the future. Again, remember that this is a site where many are dissatisfied with their current situation with regard to their love life. Why add to their (especially the recently heartbroken of which there many on here this minute) pain?


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  • Just don't click on the questions and read them if they are about V-Day? No one should have to tone down how hyped up they are about V-Day just because some people are single. It's called life. Get over it.

    • Hmmm... harshly put, but true. I still feel bad for the recently heartbroken though (well I always feel bad for them but especially now).

      On the other hand, I wasn't really referring to the personal GaG users as much as the admins promoting it so much here.

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  • They need to sell those flower ads.

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