Does Anyone Dislike The "New" GirlsAskGuys?

Does anyone dislike the "new" GirlsAskGuys? This might stir some controversy, but I honestly don't like all the new changes.

I don't understand the whole idea behind the MyTake. I understand what it is, but I don't see what the reason to introduce it was... and the whole mood thing on your profile. It's just a little much for me.


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  • The only thing I miss about 2013 and older GaG... was the embedded chat bar.

    I also used to miss having more than one pic per profile, but now that has been addressed! 8-)

    But I do understand the need to evolve and change to stay relevant in this fast paced tech world. #EmbraceChange

    • Totally agree. It's the only way a such website can continue to grow with readership and to continue to climb the ladder of publicity; to consistently change and keeps things fresh and new.

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  • girl where u been? haha.
    i was like u for awhile but over time i got used to it. theyre probs gonna change it up again and again anyway.

    • I've been here! hahah! I might get used to it, I mean there is no way to change it! Still love the community!

    • oh hehe:) yeauh we're all still crazy. but i am still bracing myself for more new changes.

  • No, dont have an issue with it

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