When you cancel your girls ask guys account what happens?

Is it like Facebook where you can come back whenever?
What happens to your questions? Are they deleted?



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  • When you cancel your account, you can never access it again. It's permanently deleted. However, the questions and opinions that person posted will still be on the site.

    • What if i want to delete the questions because I'm scared of the guy the question is about finding it?

    • Users can't delete their own questions. You can only "disavow" the question which will make the question anonymous and you won't receive notifications for it anymore.

    • I'm scared

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  • No once you cancel your account it stays deleted
    but you can't come back and i do hear your post
    questions/ answers always remain they never
    delete them as long as they're found to be valid.

    • I dont want this guy fiding my questionz!

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    • You can always change ur questions to anonymous or your profile to private.

    • I put it on anon but i feel like he'd know. I don't know im probably just being paranoid.
      And no you can't flag your own question

  • Your questions and opinions remain. Your profile simply says 'inactive'. No, you can't come back to your account. You have to start a new one.


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