Does any one else have more than one gag account?

I do. For many reasons. Is it for your alter ego or other reasons? :P So you can say things you wouldn't say on your other account? Or so u can upvote yourself? hehe

(btw, I didn't know this was against the rules. sorry folks.)


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  • No just one, I'm me and only me, like it or hate it, I'm just me... simples


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  • umm... thats actually against the rules...

    • Really I didn't know that.:/ Oops.. i'm going anon..

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  • Nope I've only had one and I think it's pretty dumb to make more than one. Like why do you need more than one? O_o

    • If you want to ask a "how do I look" question about your body and you didn't want to get a lot of creepy messages from guys. That's why I did.

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    • I did in the beginning but I didn't answer them so they got it. But I knew if I posted a body shot I'd get more. :/ Don't you hate them though? I don't want to see your ****!!

    • Oh okay gotcha :) I don't hate them but dislike them very much and yes I don't want to see a random guy's junk.