How can an anonymous asker block an anonymous opinion giver?

I was just blocked by another anonymous person but not allowed to block him in return. how does that one work?


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  • I think GaG changed things so you can block an anon user... in that thread only.

    • ok.. but how is it done?

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    • ahh. well, I can't find it. :/

    • On their post, click "Anonymous" above their age range and the box should pop up on whether or not you want to block them.

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  • I believe the one who gives the opinion, is the only one who can temporarily block you for your post/ question...

    • the asker blocked me.

    • Oh i don't know how that can happen unless you weren't anonymous
      when you answered?

    • Now maybe 2 who are anonymous both the Asker and the one making a Opinion just by chance than you could be blocked than again you would need to maybe ask the administrators

  • i guess you can't if you're anonymous

  • If you're anon, they don't know who you are so why care? If they were the same age range as me- as shaggy would say "it wasn't me!"

    • I'm just curious. when I tried to respond to his response it said I was blocked. I didn't know it was even possible to block an anon

    • Some people get shitty with you then like to have the last word and block you. You're among children and overgrown children here. Fuck 'em! lol

    • haha, I figured that out long ago.

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  • Oh wow, i didn't know you could do that.

    • it's news to me too

    • No clue... I just want a button when I ask a question that blocks the other gender from answering... If I only want advice from the guys or the girls... Would love that!