Repetitive questions, what are the worst?

So it seems like quite a few questions are being repeated by different people. What ones do you hate the most?


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  • Any of the questions about penis size are terrible and should be banned forever. Oh or the ones that give describe themselves in excruciating detail and then ask if guys are into that.

    The ones I hate the most are the questions where you get in an argument with the OP and you're happy to see it end but then OP reposts the question word for word. It's so frustrating! Whhhhhy?


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  • "Ladies is my dick big enough it's blah blah blah"
    "Rate me"

  • "They looked at me this way, do they like me?"

    I've been there. Looking back, it was good to get it out of my system. But now that I'm aware to the others around me, it's annoying.