I told this girl I love her and she cut all contact I'm so embarrased what should I do?

She was lost and I helped her out. took her to my house and showed her where to go no alterior motive or anything. After that I just went along my business but she sort of wanted to talk to me after that so she ended up texting me like everyday for a month. So during that I still didn't really like her but then I fell for her. I was so bad at that point honestly I think I became a little desperate and that's sort of out of my character later I find out she is engaged she never really mentioned it. I would never cheat but the emotions got to me, and I why did you this to me now I have to see you and know you and I will be with you, and I said I care about you so much and said I'm sorry please don't leave. I can't believe how stupid I was to say that. I never been around any girl that long or felt anything like this it completely changed me. So she never really talked to me again and it hurt everyday now I'm so embarrased does she think I'm some kind of creep? I know we were at least good friends and that's all I wanted but things changed.


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  • Dude relax, it's not the end of the world although having feelings for someone who doesn't return does suck.

    It'll take time be you'll get over it; just avoid her as much and as best as you can.

  • Just forget her and move on. Life's too short to pine after someone who isn't interested or unavailable. It doesn't matter what she thinks, you know you're not 'some kind of creep'. The older you get the more you realize that women are like buses, if you miss one there'll be another one along in 15 minutes.

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