"Select Topic" doesn't work on Windows Phone mobile mode when posting a question?

I've tried several browsers, but I have to use desktop mode to select a topic. It wasn't like this in the past, but I think it stopped working after one of the GaG updates.


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  • We're sorry to hear you're having issues using the site on your phone.
    What happens when you try to select a topic?

  • I am on I phone and I am only having problems with trying to look at replies

  • C'mon get an Android phone!!

    • No need for that, don't give in to those android bullies 😊

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    • I've been in IT for 15 years... seen enough of Winblows... been scared straight. I have a Galaxy S 4.. never bricked it... changing ROMs weekly . love the freedom and not spending a dime... The Evil Empire would NEVER allow it...

    • Windows Phone does everything I need (including not dying constantly if i don't plug it in all day long) without having to risk voiding my warranty.

      My GS3 was a power hog, and there was no way to prevent 50+ processes from running in the background. I rooted the phone successfully, but when I tried to put 4.4 on there, it soft bricked it. 4.3 was a nightmare.