Does anyone notice that when there is a lot of comments that disagree with the asker that the asker basically only backtalks to the opposite gender?

So yeah there is this one post I saw it was a 17 year old who got a female pregnant complaining that how was he going to tell his girlfriend he got a "whore" pregnant and how she was trapping him. All the comments were against the askers viewpoint but he only commented on the female comments.

Another one I saw was a curvy or obese debate basically and all the comments went against the askers viewpoint but for the most part the asker only commented on the males opinions.

Has anyone else noticed that people asking a question tend to argue more with the opposite gender?

Comment any examples or thoughts below.

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  • I've noticed that when there are a lot of comments disagreeing with the Asker, usually it was because of a sexist generalization in their question. It makes sense the opposite sex would get up in arms and argue, and that the Asker would argue back to defend their sexist viewpoint.

    • But even some that are not sexist that is the case.

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    • The same underlying dynamic in what way? In that it's a logical fallacy that was one accepted, but is now widely renounced?

      Pretty much anyone who says anything that goes against the majority is going to get disagreed with. I play devil's advocate enough to understand this

    • I sound smarter when I don't have to correct myself, but *once

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  • Yes. I see that happen sometimes (not always). It could be they have issues with the opposite gender, or it could be because the opposite gender answers come up first. Who knows?

  • I'm new here so...


What Girls Said 2

  • I think cause the forum emphasizes that you are here to talk to the opposite sex on a matter. I think it helps having both views personally but what can you do? When someone wants to argue with the opposite sex or wants to have attention from the opposite sex and then they will target/comment that way.

  • Isn't this question just instigating an argument?

    • lol you are the same gender so I cannot argue does not compute :P

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