What happened to my notifications?

This morning I logged on and I had 4 notifications. I didn't have time to look at them so I didn't. Then later (about 3 hours later) I came back and refreshed the page and the notifications disappeared. I refreshed again and nothing happened. Then I logged out and logged back in and still nothing.

I found three of them by looking through my opinions and when I went to them, they showed the comments as new. Still nothing in my notifications, though.

Thanks for answering...


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  • You know at the top is a Bell shape which gives you notification of opinions you made , comments and such so maybe that could be confusing you too
    there is lot of Ghost Notifications they are still working on too :)

    • No, it isn't that. The notifications disappeared. I saw them, then they were gone.

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    • That's the only time it's happened. If it happens again, I'll message G@G. Otherwise, I won't worry about it.

    • Okay smile :D xD

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  • Are you still having issues?
    Were you able to find them by going to the new Bell?
    If you click that checkmark in that list, it'll clear the notification even without going to the thread.

    • The notifications totally disappeared. I couldn't find them, even in the notification list. I had to look through my opinions (I luckily remembered some of them) but when I found the opinion, it didn't show a notification that I had anything new. When I opened it, though, the comment showed up as new.

      That has only happened once so far.

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    • This should be fixed now. Please let us know if you continue having issues.

    • Ok, thanks

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  • I think they're working on the site. I had some issues with that too earlier

    • That's the first time that's happened to me. I have noticed that sometimes I try to do something and I end up doing something else because the site misinterprets it or something.