Complaint on "antagonism".. can it be removed?

I got a warning because I was being antagnostic. Sorry but this "woman " posted bad stuff about her mother and then is claiming victimhood.

I think provided people post stuff like she did they don't warrant a civil response.

Can my warning be overturned?


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  • That happened to me once. What I said wasn't offensive at all, but for some reason I got this warning saying I was being too antagonistic.
    I don't get it. I've seen some really offensive comments and none of them was removed. It makes no sense.
    I guess we just have to accept it if we want to continue using the site.


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  • Why you all ruffled up it's only a warning?
    Were you being antagonistic?

    • Its my right but I'm not bothered...

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    • Clearly you are bothered or you wouldn't be trying to get it removed?

    • eh? i had forgotten about this...

      though I strongly suspect:

      - you're on your computer now thinking "haha... i can read stuff about him, let me post and scope him out and fuck with him!!!"

      - then I am thinking "hmm... some stranger is trying to fuck with me... ok... i'll do something else more productive with my time, and well... well laugh about this petty attempt of oneupmanship..."

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  • Who cares? Its a warning on a relatively unimportant forum. Move on with your life.

    • Nice instruction there pal. ... I like how you satvat your computer to try and psych me out and unseat me polio.. .

      I comment as I please. Unless you NCAn state why I cannot. ...

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    • you obviously dont know what a moral value is. Crying about a warning has nothing to do with morality. Ill get you a digital tissue so the cyber tears dont short your computer.

    • eh? i'm not crying, just raising an issue... it's what this sub-forum is for... your detraction... well is immaterial..