Why do I still see posts from someone I've blocked?

Hey dudes and dudettes,

So I've blocked this one sexist dickwad but I can still read his irritating answers to questions site-wide. Doesn't blocking usually prevent you from reading their posts... or is it just from commenting on yours?

Merci beaucoupie


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  • Under "Settings", you can activate the setting "Hide activity of users I blocked", which will hide the posts from user you've blocked in the feeds. You'll still be able to see their posts IN threads you visit.

    They will not be able to post on your non-anonymous posts, they won't be able to send you private messages, and they won't be able to vote on your non-anonymous opinions.


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  • i guess you canchoose to not see their posts in your options1!


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  • You still see his posts from before you blocked him but you won't see his posts that he puts up after you blocked him.

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