What is the thing that you get on GAG? What was your first question on GAG?

What was your first question on GAG?
here is mine..
Please help me... What are the chances of getting her, What should I do?

  • I get to know about this site from my friend
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  • I just googled my question and end up here
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  • I have other story
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  • My first question was about how to get a celebrity crush out of my mind. Funny thing is I'm still thinking about him 24/7 but I got addicted to GAG.

    • do you like any other G@G'er? means any comment of some G@G'er you like?

    • I like osme Gagers but a cyber relationship would never work. And I don't understand your 2nd question.

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  • My mom question was "does big dicks mean more pleasure? "

    • Oops strike off "mom"

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