Have often do you get "Most Helpful" when going against the Question Asker's Belief/Mindset?

I've been a user since 2009 (on and off) and I must have answered at least 200 questions by either disagreeing with the QA's premise or offering an inconvenient truth.

How many of these actually got selected as "Most Helpful" (indicating acceptance by the QA)?

A generous guesstimation would be 3/200. In reality, it's a lot closer to zero. Call it 1%. I dont recall ever changing someone's mind or derailing their agenda.

Compare that 1% to 45% MH overall (which is weighed down by that 1%). Assuming consistent answer quality, this proves that if your goal is to help people on GaG, avoid QAs with differing viewpoints. You'll just be ignored or disregarded.


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  • I have a couple of times. Probably because I don't say things rudely to people and try to disguise it as "just being truthful" many on here are just rude for nothing and say that's why. A small number of people on here can say their views, disagree, even have a friendly debate and not be rude once. Others, just turns into a one up thing.


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  • i don't notice basically... i just say "thank you" when someone gives me a MHO ;-)