Anyone else hate that bell thing?

So it used to be nice and neat. I log in and see any replies or answers waiting for me. I can easily distinguish between opinions and questions. Now they put that bell thing up there. You cannot figure out what is what. You have to read though things and try to understand which is a reply.
Change just to change is not good.
sometimes you have things working just right.
so now it is confusing as hell when you want to know what kind of answers you have and which are waiting for you.
arghhhh... GAG you need to stop changing things. I think your going to continue to loose people who are fed up with it.
It is bad enough we still have this garbage where you answer a question and it throws you out. So you have to go back into the question just to read the comments. I always answer before looking at other answers so I am not swayed in any way. But I should not have to enter a question 2x.


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  • Yes! Thst bothers me a little too


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  • Not at all. Confusing? Nope. Just hover over the bell and you get a complete list of mentions, opinions, and comments, each labeled as to which they are, as well as the topic. One nice clean list. What more can one want?

  • Bell is out of control.