Who in your opinion is a unique person on this site, It can be more than 1. So tell me who you thnk that is?

I'm new here and I'm just trying to find some people who aren't boring. Name some boys and girls who fit that description in your opninon

Thanks guys I'll be looking out for some of these names ^^


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  • So you're new? Why you goin' anon? Probably afraid of getin' ganked huh? Or should I say gagged. . . (don't be afraid of the high lvls, you unlock your special attack at lvl 2. You'll be able to handle them then)

    Anyway there's plenty of nice peps around, they know who they are but I can only mention one otherwise it won't be special

    Go ! @LauraMarx I choose you !

    ^ this gal will give you a wild ride like a roller coaster, It will go up and down, maybe spin around a couple of times and leave you disappointed when it ends because you want more. But with Laura the ride never ends. . . anon girl, I know you wana ride the Marx train, once you go Marx you never go back because it's a one way trip. . . straight to pleasure

    Anyway, there's only two gals on here that I would accept as a senpai and Laura's one of 'em


    I really am restless. . . I need to get rid of all this energy

    • LMAO. oh yeah THIS guy. Now THIS is a unique gag user. I can tell u right now, there's no one else on this website like this guy

    • @LauraMarx did you. . . did you just see that ! ? I made it to level 6 !

      Anyway, here's like a list of things I've done or my gag CV:

      _-wrote 2 songs, one is the hit single "gagster paradise" the other didn't sell well because I got high
      - Played a game of hangman. . . and lost (it was really a close game)
      - Did some gay sexual roleplay just because. . . (my pretend lover is still around)
      - the "<" chronicles (it was kind of like a crime drama)
      - The true story tampon take (surprisingly popular)

      That's about all I can remember

      Also you mean "THIS guy" in a good way right?

  • well i'd mention @mesonfielde since i cannot mention myself... he's one of the few guys that they don't want to look "big" and "muscular" and one of the few guys who don't think it's "gay" to whip your penis after peeing

    • Nothing gay about wiping! Better than dripping in your boxers like the commoners. Ha!

    • To be honest, I still think that's common sense and basic sense of hygiene. Why anyone would willingly moisturize their penis from the inside with pee is beyond me. No wonder they think cleaning yourself is difficult, haha. If you have that lingering for a day, of course it will be nasty. Oh well! Their problem, not mine :D

  • @renogaza & @DooMguy

    Because of their opinions ^_^

    • Wait a minute. . . you're a mod ! ? When did that happen? Also remember to tell the other mods to let DooMguy get away with breaking the rules

      I bet you guys have a wanted list or secret meetings. Almost forgot, good takes. You write like a boss

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    • @renogaza that's just what you mods want us regular members to think. You're on to me but I'm on to you back. I know all about the bunker

      @ YourFutureEx bungee 5 ? Sounds dangerous. . . we might not make it out of this alive, so I'm in.

      *picks up the ropes*

      You ready?

    • @DooMguy - you must better get ready otherwise we mods will add you in our wanted list lol (JK)

  • While I think everyone is important. I feel very few people are unique. Why do I need to be special, when being average has worked just fine for most people throughout human history?

  • @Klaatu51


  • Anyone made the Anonymous joke yet? Anonymous.

  • I like myself so im going to self advocate. I'm cool. Also most of the people who are cool alhave already commented. Jack, meson etc.
    I dont think anyone mentioned @Account


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  • @Klaatu51 because I doubt there is anyone quite like Klaatu. I seriously admire his weirdness and the fact he embraces it.
    @Anno_Domini because he doesn't seem to fit any of the stereotypes that could apply to him. He is humble and empathetic and doesn't seem to be a bitter little bitter-heart. A genuine guy.
    @MaskedSanity I know she doesn't go in for all this silly name tagging but she is pretty damned awesome and unique. I almost always agree with her and she's just got a real good head on her shoulders, which is definitely a rarity.
    @LauraMarx I don't always agree with her views or standpoint but she makes me think about stuff so that's always good. She's like the understandable version of WolfinFraulein, with less needless vocab and far less man-orientated.

    • basically i've told @mesonfielde that he's "almost" the other "me" recently... but yet we have some differences.

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    • @Anno_Domini you're welcome my friend :)

    • Maybe the invisibility power up is OP and needs a nerf. I'm not sure if I know about the double ";)" part. . .

      The name change really does mark the end of the girl scouts gang, at least you had a good run. The LGS legacy/reign of terror will not be forgotten

      @LauraMarx so you both want the old. gif back? It took me a while to find it again but I'll be using it from now on, from what I've seen people love it or hate it. I remember when I let some gal pick the new one for me

  • My god, this website is crammed full of fucked up weirdos. 90% of the people I see here, I have never met anyone like them before, I will never meet anyone like them again. I look at these people and think - my god, you know. They really exist. How is it possible?

  • You'll find that everyone is unique on this site. It's full of colorful, crazy people.

  • Truthfully speaking we are all totally unique and individual. :)

    You just need to make your own mind up as to who is, and who is not boring.

  • Everyone is unique but my fav on this site is @BuchitaBuchys
    Love reading her stuff. She's really honest and funny.

  • @DooMguy for sure

    • hmm. . . not sure if these mentions are a good thing. Saying I'm unique implies that I ain't normal. I can be normal and fit in with people most of the time. . . normally I'm normal, it's just that a lot of people think I do weird things that's all. . .

      And sometimes I'm too tough (cold res.), well I'm not that tough but I think I 1 up a regular civvie

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    • is that a good/everythings cool ok? Or a final ok?

    • just a ok then sorry

  • arkajeet95

  • Klaatu51 He is just weird as fuck, pretty awesome, but fucking weird.

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