What other website have you used which is similar to "GirlsaskGuys"?

For me, there are two websites which come to mind.

1. Yahooanswers. com: This is VERY similar to this website. Of course, the major difference is the answers aren't separated into guys vs girls. People just use a username and ask and answer questions. They do have a "five questions within 24 hours" rule (just like GAG) and you do get points to move up levels.

However, everyone is TOO private on here. For one, almost everyone uses a fake cartoon avatar (they RARELY use a real photo.) Second, people rarely give their name, age or location. The problem with this, trolling is VERY easy on this website. Overall, this site is more similar to GIrlsaskGuys than any other website.

2. Youthink. com: I remember these days as a teenager... basically, you ask questions and you get answers. However, you also post topics, music videos or just anything for fun and wait for responses. You can decorate your profile (just like Myspace), which made this site cool. Here are some differences between Youthink and Girlsaskguys.

1. The answers aren't separated into girls vs guys (obviously.)
2. The questions and answers were in FORUM style (which got annoying quick)
3. You can also post fun topics (not JUST questions) and there were a LOT more categories
4. You can decorate your profile.
5. Once again, privacy! No age, location, often times, no GENDER.

I think Girlsaskguys is the best I've seen so far!

@EarthtoKepler I agree with you completely!
@Aud_Queen I have never heard of that site. Thanks for letting me know.


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  • I use quora. com and GAG atm. Y! A is good too :)


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  • Never been on any others..

  • Just this and ya


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  • yahoo answers and sodahead. com

  • Only yahoo answers