GAG user check in?

What state or Provence do you call home? Please include the nation if outside of the USA. I will start the ball rolling. I reside in Georgia , USA.

This has turned out super , thanks guys and Ladies for the check ins from every where. I noticed a pattern beginning to form as you checked in others near you began to notice and started saying hi to one another. That's tight. I started to not try this little adventure toning but now I'm glad I did. Again thank you to one and all for your participation. Have a great evening or early morning depending on your location
To the girl down voting everyone , grow up and get with the program. While you at it get a life


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  • Shanghai, China :P

    • China.. Wow I think you have checked in as being farther away than anyone. Thank you for checking in

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    • I decided when I started this poll that the MHO would go to the person that communicated from the farthest distance. The only other that came close to you was from the UK. Thank you for being a part of my poll

    • You are most welcome. Have a great evening young Lady

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