Do you think myTake Favorites folder is a good idea?

Same tool is used on many sites out there allowing people to store things in their "favorites". Their favorites are displayed on their profiles and anyone who visits can have an opportunity to access the stuff that person found worth reading.

Also myTakes favorited by lots of people gain in popularity and will be more easily accessed in the long run.

And if we also had an option of seeing if any of the people we are following favorited this myTake (at the top of the list like Facebook does it), we'd be more likely to read something that interested our friends as well. -> Works on the same principle as the profile-displayed myTake Favorites folder.

So... What do you think?

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  • thats a horrible idea because thats just extra server space they have to provide for people wh abandon their accts all da time and shit and make duplicates i heard it was a problem in a prvious question and shit u kno?


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