Name a gager who you think should be on TV?

I think Sandplanet should star in a documentary.
OK ok jokes aside, I think ihav2fart looks like a model, along with smokahontas


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  • I agree, SandPlanet. Where are you now Sandra? I'm sure you are lurking about somewhere you total oddball.

    • total douche, amirite? lol

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    • @BertMacklinFBI it's really weird, being betrayed by a friend then finding out they never existed. I don't have anyone to be annoyed at! Ha!

      As well, we live and learn. Next time, when that little voice is telling something's not right... I'll listen to it!

    • I usually always listen to my gut and it pays off immensely! :D but yeah that situation sounds so shitty. he's like worse than a sociopath.

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