MHO or a group of helpful opinions?

On some questions I can't make up my mind for who was the most helpful. GaG could we have an option for a group of helpful questions?

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What Guys Said 4

  • I think that would just clutter up the questions. Besides, I'd say 95% of 'most helpful' answers are the asker's wishful thinking.

    I think there should be two answers selected. One selected by the asker, and another by votes.

    • I like this idea a lot. I think this one would be a good idea. I doubt they would do it though.

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    • I doubt they'd have something more than just the MH option.

    • @Hopefuldreamer8 I don't know they've actually made a lot of changes i thought they wouldn't, I wouldn't be surprised if they surprised you by doing the change.

  • Yes i agree with you or let people vote on what question

    they think would make the most helpful opinion.

  • Well, generally a superlative means there can be only one.

    However, perhaps there could be a "Helpful opinion" award, in addition to most helpful.

    • I was asking if GaG could give an option to pick the most helpful opinion or select a few helpful opinions. You're idea sounds good too.

  • nah... that would mess up things in my opinion


What Girls Said 3

  • It is just a MHO LOL Choose it. There is always one shining through among other answers trust me ^^

  • Then it wouldn't be most helpful?

    • Yeah I know that's why I said why not an option to choose either the most helpful or to choose a group of helpful opinions.

    • Ah and maybe I should read more carefully. lol

  • yes sometimes many questions are more helpful and i feel bad with only choosing one.

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