Anybody else want the Facebook, Twitter, & other social media removed? or at least have the buttons moved so that you won't click accidently?

I don't want anybody from Facebook or anything else knowing that I am on this site, it could be embarrassing when you have to ask a question and you click it by mistake.

could we have them removed or just have them moved to a part of the answers page that we won't accidentally turn them on?

just my thoughts


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  • Have you ever used social media buttons... anywhere? Clicking on them doesn't do much. They just bring up a new window where you can decide if you want to share something on one of your profiles. If you somehow accidentally share something... well that would take a couple "accidental" clicks. I never use them but I don't really mind them being there either.

    • I was just on a question that had just a checkmark, maybe it was a mytake and it was different setup, but something weird happened, and I don't see it any longer.

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