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  • how do you keep a guy interested in talking to you on facebook?

    • I know how to keep a girl interested. Guy, not so much.
      Perhaps you two could play some Facebook games together.

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    • What do you have in common with him?

    • If you mean hobbies and past life experiences, it seems that not much in common at all.
      But we used to work in the same company until recently, have common friends and surprisingly our values and way of thinking are kinda similar - more the conclusions we reach than our way of thinking.
      Maybe we're looking for the same kind of things in a relationship but it's probably too soon to tell.
      I also know he's had a crush on me for at least 6 months... I've no idea why he has a crush on me, but I think he wants to pursue a serious relationship with me.

    • Perhaps you should do things together with him

  • I'll just ask my question here cuz it's short

    I like this guy and I think he's into me too but is there any way I can almost get him to admit it to me?

    • Is he shy?

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    • I got a bit confused at your wording

    • He's popular but a quiet person
      I like him and he might like me too
      He thinks I'm dating another guy (I am not)
      3 years ago we hated each other
      It would be weird to just start talking to him

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