Do you think the Age Gap issue will need to be addressed soon?

Diversity in opinions is great and all, but I've noticed some very disturbing comments made by users in "upper" age brackets directed towards the younger age groups mainly 13-16. Not to mention the fact that many profiles are fake (can't do much about that).

It just seems awfully easy for deranged individuals with bad intentions to access young blood. As the population of GaG grows, so will this fringe of anonymous lurkers that ruin the fun of diversity for the rest of us. Do you think GaG will EVENTUALLY have to step in with regulatory settings or is this a total nonissue?

  • This could be a huge problem in the future. GaG will have to step in.
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  • No, let the people sort it out amongst themselves.
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  • Honestly if anyone on here doesn't think carefully who they talk to. I see it as their fault if they get into big trouble. Just because some are under the age of 18 doesn't mean they don't know how things work in the online world. I would think by now most people under 18 probably know more than most 20 year olds since they have been exposed to online stuff much longer than people in their 20's. I mean when I was 11-13 I remember that dial up internet that made that lough awful sound when you tried to log on. Internet type things weren't that simple to understand unlike they are now. So I think they have enough knowledge to know who's faking. If they don't then I take that as they just aren't smart enough to use their brains. I don't really care if they are 13,14, etc I'll treat them like anyone else here. Not as an adult just as an intelligent human being.

    • Uh oh, strong point is strong!

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  • I think *something* needs to be done but I don't know what.

    Unless GAG gives people an option to report someone for being a perv to the younger users there's not much to do. I mean at least the community can call people out in a public post but I can see how PMs can be an issue. Kids just have to learn to be safe on the internet the same way they do in real life.

    • You're on the fence. Should kids just learn or should GaG take action?

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    • @thewanderingme

      Oooo! That's awesome!! TYSM!!!

    • you're welcome! ;)

  • Age gap as in GaG needs to restrict the age? or just the hate towards people different ages then themselves?

  • i think an 18+ should be smart enough to know not to make sexual innuendos at an 18 under

  • If an older guy messages me (older than 18) I block them. I've had a scary encounter with an Internet predator before (ended up getting seriously hurt) and I'm much wiser and more Internet smart now.


What Guys Said 2

  • The problem with your proposal ideas is this:

    If u make ANY types of restrictions for users under a certain age, those people in that "restricted" age group,

    would just lie,

    and make profiles saying they're an age higher than the restriction threshold.


    This would render any age restrictive policy, rather useless.

    • Exactly what this guy said. I would advise people show extreme caution when talking to anyone on here

  • yes, it's a problem, but how to address it... how would you stop people?

    • Limiting PM access to minors would be one way. Although there would be loopholes.