Hiding behind anonymous?

Why would you ask or answer a question under anonymous? Is if a fear of being judged? Do you use it to be an ass and bash other users? Is it because maybe you don't have an appropriate answer and your just guessing and are worried someone will give you a hard time about it? Please take the poll and explain in comment.. Thanks and as a special surprise no anon comments allowed. Sorry

  • Fear of being judged by others.
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  • I just answer to be a pain in all y'all's azz. and you can't turn my worthless butt in. Naa naa
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  • I'm not sure how to answer so I hide so I won't be harassed by other users
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  • I don't know how to answer this question ( don't pick me )
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  • This poll is FUBAR!!
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I personally would like to see GAG remove this ( anonymous from the options. Here is why. At this moment 60% say they do it out of fear of judgement from others. I choose to stay as I am , maybe because it doesn't bother me that someone may not agree with me on something and call me a name. Or maybe it because at my age I could care less that that person did call me a name. But all crap aside that 60% is more than likely being bullied by some one now for them to not want to be seen here.


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  • I don’t think it’s very accurate to assume that anyone who posts anonymously is “hiding” per say. There are all types of reasons to post anonymously and while there is a category of people who are doing it because they lack the boldness and courage to express themselves where you can see who they are, doesn’t mean everyone who does it feels the same.

    I would ask a question anonymously because quite frankly, nobody here is entitled to know my damn business. I choose to share parts of myself here to help others and sometimes to gain a bigger perspective. However, if it’s a very personal situation, I have every right to be selective of who I would disclose that information to as far as letting the person know my own unique, personal story. The anonymous feature makes me feel like I can be completely unfiltered without having to worry about any small-minded, childish, grudge-holding, know-it-all wannabes holding it against me later on or blocking me because they’re petty. Another reason is that I notice many people here don’t really know how to give advice. They use their presence here to bicker, badger, debate, or just stroke their own egos not to genuinely help someone out and give them the insight they need. I’m not comfortable with people like that knowing my business.

    • Touché sir , well worded and you have an undeniable way of stating the facts. And I do agree. That's why I won't ask questions of a personal nature here , as you stated my business that may be of a personal nature

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    • You did make your point very well and you didn't offend me in the least. I actually found it refreshing to be honest. So it goes to prove old dog can learn new tricks lol

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  • It's mostly A for me with a little bit of C thrown in. I don't post anon a whole lot because I rarely feel the need to do so. But if I'm asking or answering a question and my post contains information about my sex life or my personal health (mental or physical illness, etc) that I'm not comfortable with others knowing about me, I use the Anonymous feature. I have friends on this site and there are people in my real life who know who I am on here, and there are just some things that I don't want them to know about me.

    I also use it to avoid getting creepy or sexual messages from men (and some women) who read about something I'm into and then suddenly they think it's okay to have a sex chat or worse. I changed my message settings so this isn't a big problem anymore.

    I know that people use the anon feature to troll and stir the pot, but in the grand scheme of things that us a very small number of people. Just as many or maybe more behave badly under their usernames.

    This site needs to be a safe place for people to ask their questions and give honest advice. The Anonymous feature encourages that environment, I think. It's not something that should be abolished. You may disagree with me, as many people do, but this is how I feel about the whole thing.

    • No I can't say that I disagree with your thoughts on this topic , you have a persuasive take on it and enlightening opinion. Thank you

    • You're welcome. I understand your frustration with anonymous trolls and idiots. The good news is that now we have the ability to block them for that post so they can't bother us anymore. It's important to stand back and remember what the feature is actually for - encouraging people to ask personal questions they need advice on or to give important advice they may not want linked back to them because it contains private information.

      Six years ago I joined this site solely because there was an anonymous option. It was a place where I could ask my personal question safely and securely. There isn't really any other site with this kind of setup and I had a question I needed advice on. Getting rid of the anon option would really hinder the site's membership rates.

    • I had not though of how it might prevent people from using the site to be honest. And it's nice to know that you can now limit what one has to endure for less desirables. Thanks

  • Simple, fear of judgement. If I pose a personal question or comment that entails details of my private life I don't want someone who knows me (who uses this site) to be able to link that information back to me. This site is somewhat therapeutic lol!

  • Agreed... having a profile that is either private or BS should be good enough for anyone who's intent is NOT to be a troll or pick a fight/waste others' time

  • If I were to ask an anon question it would definitely be a fear of being judged. Even though it's the Internet and no one knows exactly who I actually am, maybe I would be scared of people harassing me or something and being anon is kind of a protection from people messaging and stuff? I guess it depends on what the question being asked is about. But that's my personal guess.

    • Oh and I missed the word answer for some reason. I answer under anon when it's something really personal and I just prefer to feel 100% anonymous I suppose. :O

    • I see your point. If I don't know you and you can't see who I am then once this question is posted then I can go back to being me and no one is the wiser

  • I would answer, but you aren't allowing anons. :-/

  • I rarely post anon.

    • Nor do I young Lady

    • in my opinion most of those afraid of being judged or bullied are being done so from some anon poster.

    • That is why I don't like it personally , that's where the biggest portion of the bullies and trouble makes stay. No of fence to anyone here but it the truth ; these guys or gals aren't going to bash you under their own name for fear of being reported and possibly being kicked from the site

  • None. It's because I don't want people to look on my profile and try to talk to me


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  • Probably 50-50 between A and C.

    I'm really private and I'm aware how much stuff people put up online. I'm sure it's possible to seriously harm the average person just by using the info they put up on social media. I'm not on social media but in my time here, I've talked about some really private issues and I don't like the idea of someone being able to click on my profile and learning more about me than some of my friends.

    I completely disagree that the option for anon should be removed. There'd be a lot less users. I'd hardly ever come here for starters. Plus, some of the worst users here aren't anon. I've never had to block or report an anon post. But the worst posts I've seen here aren't anon.

    in my opinion, there is no clear increase in the amount of bullying in anon answers/questions compared to those who aren't anon. I do see an increase in how sensitive the issue might be. This site is designed to answer some fairly sensitive questions so I think it would be foolish to remove the option for anon.

    A while back, when GaG made changes, the age of anon users was there to see. There was a fair amount of criticism and GaG changed it so that there age ranges showed up instead so it looks like they agree with me which is a good thing in my opinion.

  • I have done some things in my past, as well as had some things happen to me that I don't necessarily need everyone to associate with me. But I have some insights and knowledge from these experiences that others may find valuable so if I refer to those things in a post I usually go anony-mous (e).

  • Damn you for not ironically allowing anonymous answers

    • Lmbo tough breaks make tough people. Bite me lmbo again

  • Hahhaaha I haven't heard or read FUBAR in forever mate haha

    • It's my vocabulary man. If it is then it is

    • Too true Bud, man I miss saying those kinda things, but I reckon if I ddid half the poeple wouldn't have a clue as to what I was talking about haha

  • I put A because even though I only had 1 anonymous question (that I reposted publicly). I kinda didn't want to be judged because of my young age, but I kinda said whatever and realized that I really have nothing to hide

  • It's not fear of judgement here. I go anon on the easiest questions. I often don't like sharing things about myself, including my thoughts.

  • I used to post anonymous but not anymore.

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