How do you go back to the Questions you answered?

Everytime I submit an my answer to someone's question, it automatically redirects me to some other page, but says "answer submitted" or whatever, and I can't figure out how to go back to the same question... Errgggg. It's irritating me.


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  • After you submit an answer, there's an orange button on the next screen that will let you return to the question. So you can do it that way, or, if you hover over your username in the top right corner of the screen, you'll see a drop down box. If you click on "opinions" it shows all the answers you have left on questions including the question title with your response underneath.

    • Thank you =]

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    • Hey, one more question. Sometimes I come along a question that I am interested in answering, but I can't find a date anywhere telling what date it was asked on. I don't want to give an answer to a 2 year old question. Lol

    • Okay, well after a certain amount of time, the time stamp will disappear on questions. However, if it is a recent question, you can see how long ago it was asked by looking at the top right corner of the question. To make it easier, if you look at the question askers username and go straight across to the right, that's where the time stamp is.

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  • Well I know on mobile there's an option that says "View question" next to "answer submitted" Or you could go to your opinions tag. I do think it's kind of dumb that they redirect back to the home page

  • i click the back button on my browser


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