Do you think we should you be able to change a cote on an opinion?

Sometimes I click downvote on an opinion by accident, either cause I missclick or I vote on the wrong opinion by accident. I think we should be able to click downvote again to remove it and be able to click upvote to swap the vote to an upvote. And the same for upvotes of course

Twice today I accidentally downvoted opinions that I wanted to upvote :(

Maybe the reason we can't do this is because votes used to be hidden until you voted

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  • No, votes should be locked
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  • Too difficult question for my little brain, I can't decide
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  • Same here. I have downvoted or upvoted many people by mistake.
    Anyway, sure. Sounds like a good idea.


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  • I agree, I hate it when I misclick and am stuck with it

  • nah it would just get too complicated!


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