What should I do? Please guys help me... please?

So this guy moved at my school in September. I likes him since the first day we met! I started talking to him and two weeks later, I told him that I liked him. He didn't like that so he stopped talking to him and avoid me. Even blocked me on social medias saying I was annoying him! He started being very rude and extremely mean to me. Later on like 3 months, my friend talked to him and explain to him that I really tried hard to be his friend so he should try to be nice to me. And then he texted me and said we could fix things and be friends again. He told me he was avoid me because he just wanted to be friends and I tried to get with him too early. We became friends again and this time, he was so sweet to me and very nice. Teases me a lot and make jokes with me. We even shared a straw and a sandwich. But doing those kind of things made me fall for him even more. So I don't know why but on Valentine's day, I sent him a pic of my butt. He liked it and complimented me. He said I've nice bum and that I turned him on. But then after a few minutes, he said that we were making a mistake and we should stop and forget about what about. I accepted and pretended like nothing happened. Later on that night, at like 1AM, we were just talking as friends and boof, the conversation turned to sext! We started talking about what he would do with a girl and what I would do with a guy. It's was fun and funny! And he even asked me for another pic! But the next day, he told me that he was drunk and don't remember anything. Everything happened on snapchat btw! So I didn't believe he was drunk and I decide to tell him what happened. At first, he said that he didn't want to know without me telling him that we sext. So after I told him that we sexted, he got mad and stopped talking to me. I asked him If we were friends again, he said that he needs time. So it's been pretty much a month ever since that happened. Do you guys think that he likes me or something?


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  • I think he just wants to be friends with you or maybe he feels that he wants to get to know you better first

    • Then why he keeps ignoring me? Like I tried to talk to him so we can fix things but he won't even answer my messages...

    • He probably is too embarrassed to mention it or wants to think things through. You should give him some time to think about it

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