Did I overreact?

the guy who I've been kind of friends with for quite a while. I've been interested in on and off. when i talked to him about where we stand, he's told me coutnless of time that he doesn't want to bother or get involved with anyone and doesn't know what he wants or even care to pursue a close friendship with anyone, just graduate high school and move on. so , of course, i told him I'm not going to bother anymore or show any interest, just stay cordial. so we haven't talked in a week, and then he decides to snapchat me a few days ago.. so like 10 minutes later i replied.. and he opened my snap like less than a minute later and doesn't reply but views my snapchat stories... then leaves me hanging for a few days then texts me again. so i expressed to him how i don't like mind games so he told me to get over myself and get off my high horse and that he's sorry that he does things with his life and doesn't have his ass glued to his phone... and told me how friendship is a two way street.. even though i told him I'm not going to show interest to a guy who's doesn't want to bother like that. i told him to stop being rude, and he said "forget being cordial, just don't talk to me" and i said "fine, no problem guess lol" your thoughts?

he says that i should be talking to him more... when the last few times I've texted him, he stops replying mid convo because he's always "busy" or is tired. and he deosnt show interest in school. why should i go out of my way for a guy who doesn't really care? he even admits that he leaves everyone hanging all the time, and that i shouldn't take it personal. but i think he was acting kind of rude.
plus, everyone at school thinks I'm so "obsessed" with him anyways. so why should i add fuel to the fire? i shouldn't chase a guy. i thought the best way is to act cordial, but he says otherwise. besides, i have another guy who acts more like a gentleman consistently than him, who always goes out of his way to talk to me, even though I'm cordial, nice, etc and don't pursue him


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  • According to your story, he's in the wrong. Sounds like typical manipulative behavior. Tried to turn the blame on you. Immature and manipulative, move on.


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