How should I tell him?

Let's say you are acquainted/friends with someone and see them only when mutual friends get together with the both of you (happens quite alot). How would you like the girl to approach you (tell you she wants something more)?
And if you didn't like her... What would be a way to do it and not to be awkward lol since you'll have to be dealing with this person.


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  • Flirt unambiguously (so he knows for sure you're flirting) and see if he flirts back.


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  • Well, I kind of had this situation happen in my case. I had a very good guy friend and we use to always innocently flirt but he had a girlfriend. Well the girlfriend broke up with the guy. Well, one night I was out with the guys and was having a blast, not realizing I was sending the guy friend signals that I liked him more. Well, he ended up saying something to me a few days later because he wanted something more. I unfortunately did not. I merely told him the truth and he respected me for it. It was initially a little weird, however, that weird feeling quickly left and our friendship is the same as before. But keep in mind I was friends with this this guy for a good 5 years if not more.

    So I guess the best answer I am going to give you is to be honest with him. If he doesn't see it that way then respect that and go on like nothing happened. You will never know what could have been if you don't at least try. (Boy, I am struggling with a guy issue tonight. It sure sounds like I should take my own advise.)

    • Your situation sounds unfortunate lol but I'm. Glad you two are still friends!

      I figured I should tell him but I just don't know how. Also is there really a time for this? Because I feel like maybe I should just wait it out (we're both going through shit right now lol) maybe until things cool down and if he hasn't made a move or anything, come out to him? But people tell me I should tell him. I don't know. .. What do you think?

      Did you post your situation? I would love to help! :)

    • I think there is no "perfect" time. I mean you don't want to do it when you both have like terrible days but you don't want to wait too long because the feeling maybe mutual. But if you wait too long he may find another girl. (Had that happen to me way too many times).

      There is a guy that I am intrigued by at the gym and I kind of want to approach him but I don't know if I should. I mean I been seeing him at the gym for the last couple months and we never talk or anything. He just catches my eye. I have no idea how old he is. My friend says he is older then us but I am not sure. I am 28 going to be 29. (yes I posted my question a couple hours ago).

      I keep telling everyone if you want to know something you have to ask the person directly but I am just scared.

    • Well this cycle has been happening for maybe two or three months now... Is that an appropriate time? We've known each other for two years but it wasn't until a few months ago that we started flirting. I just want to wait for the right moment I guess.

      Lol see its hard! Well if I was in your situation I'd probably try to catch his eye and smile or maybe if you pass by him, look at him and smile kind of thing. Like start small.. Baby steps. If he reciprocates the smiles.. Progress to the hellos and then convo.. Etc lol

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