Why are there so many of those "this or that" nonsense questions on this site?

Like seriously, people ask the most illogical and unanswerable questions on this site. Do they not have any real life experience to show them that nothing is simply one thing or another?

"Which gender cheats more?"
"Who gets over breakups faster?"
"Who makes a better omelet?"
"Who drives better?"
"Who is better at being their own gender?"

GO OUT INTO THE WORLD, PEOPLE. You might be unsatisfied knowing that there aren't all these easy rules to remember about people and situations, but I promise you that you'll be ok taking things as they come. That's the only realistic way to live life anyway.

What gives?


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  • I always ask useless and easy to answer questions! I apologize if that offends you. I do so because typically speaking, people don't use this site in order to argue about George Berkeley or David Hume or Immanuel Kant.
    Generally, people come here in order to talk about themselves. You can notice it based on the number of people who respond to : "What's your favorite..." type of questions.
    Or they come here because they are bored/lazy and they use GaG as a way to amuse themselves or as a way to simply interact with people.

    • Amusement is just fine. What I'm talking about are people that are seeking serious advice using this silly reasoning or understanding about things. It's fascinating that some of these people are in their 20's and still think the world is as simple as black or white.

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    • Oh man, committing sudoku looks like it's much worse than seppuku lmao

      When can I commit sudoku then? What do I have to wait for?

    • We are all going to commit it sooner or later. Be patient.
      "What do I have to wait for?"
      ^-- As for this, I have no clue.

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  • because people wonder these things when they are thinking.

    That's what I think.

  • Seriously what is the point of your question again?

    • Wondering what the point of pointless questions are ;)

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    • Me I'm not angry. I hope I didn't offend you I just thought it was kind of haha funny. A pointless question on pointless questions.

    • Pointless-ception! D:

  • People love competition, no matter how pointless it is.

    • Or pointless polarization?

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    • Poor averages. I wonder if they are aware of their basic-ness?

    • Sure they are, that's why they feel the need to ask these questions.

What Guys Said 4

  • its the internet bruh lol.

    • Internet or externet, which would you rather be?

  • you forgot the mot annoying question above all

    boobs vs ass


    • Would you rather be rich and ugly, or poor and average/10?

  • LMAO. Good question. Maybe I'll ask one too. Hmm, maybe, "which gender appreciates a sunset more?"

    I hear ya bro...

    • Would you rather be smart but smelly, or sleep in on Monday mornings?

  • Obviously men drive better :D

    • But do men signal better? Because clearly out genitals influence our driving ability. Girls just need a pair of nuts to sit on

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