How easily is the Guru Tag attributed?

Is it automated based on XP or is it actually awarded by a trusted member of the GaG community? I was wondering because i've seen some people who, and honestly this is simply my opinion, don't even bother to make a decently informative answer.
I know that everyone is entitled to their opinion, no matter how others think it's wrong, but ever since I got to this site I've always seen Gurus & Masters as people of knowledge whom I can trust with a good answer, and having a high rank in the community, I thought all would feel the responsibility to stand up to that reputation and make their answers as helpful as possible. I say this because i've had administrative roles before, and no, it's not the same as GaG, but I know for a fact that any high ranked person got awarded that rank because they took their influence seriously.

PS: I'm not saying this applies to every single high ranked member of the community, obviously. Just wanted to make that clear.

Thank you.


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  • It takes at least 20,000 XPER points to become a "Guru." I believe it's 50,000 to be a "Master." Take every advice with a grain of salt. What we offer you is a different perspective; we are not always right. Always use good judgment.


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  • Its based on xpers. At first you needed to earn 10,000 xpers but now its been raised to 20,000

  • You need to accumulate 20,000 points for Guru and 50,000 points for master.

    It would take a while to get there unless you're here all the time.

  • It's gained by acquiring a vast amount of xper points.


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  • once you gain 20k Xper you'll be a Guru.

    it's not hard you can achieve 20k Xper within ~40 days ;-)