Side Tabs on questions, infuriating?

The side tabs which scroll to the next question, does anyone actually use these? On mobile they are always in the way of posting or clicking the anon button, I've so often written out a lengthy reply and then accidentally hit that tab and lost it all, they are so badly placed and flit up and down the bloody screen as you get the keyboard out. If I want to see another question I will go to the feed!

So, does anyone else hate the tabs and does anyone actually use them?

  • Side Tabs infuriate me too
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  • I have no opinion on them
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  • I like Side Tabs and use them
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  • I hate you, I hate your question now show me the results!
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What Guys Said 4

  • I AGREE and I've thought the same thing like WHY!!! whose bright idea was this GAG dev? --___---

    I usually just wrote anything at the point because I'm not trying all of those words over again on my tablet lol

    • Exactly. I won't type it all out again. I have never used them once to scroll to a different question. Never.

      Dumb stupid side tabs, over engineering is what they are... grrr!

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    • Maybe a Wooquatch?

    • LMAO that works also I guess LOLOL

  • Yes, it's infuriating and unnecessary.

    My responses are almost always novel-length and I've gotten burned several times by this feature. It's okay, my anger was utilized productively. But then again, who's the loser sitting on his phone tapping a PhD paper on GaG? Me.

    • Haha! Yeah, who's the loser swearing at her phone because she lost under a 1000 words? Meee!! Ha!

      It's fucking annoying though, sometimes I can hit Back and it's still there, other times it is lost in the ether... I hope it finds someone to advise on its travels...

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    • Being fucked and being fucked off are two opposite ends of the spectrum in my book :P

    • Thanks for clarifying. Now I dont want to fuck you off. I need to be on the other end of the spectrum to win points :o

  • Well I had to vote B... I've only noticed them recently and don't ever use them.
    I prefer to select the questions from the list or the "my feed" which I find interesting.

  • Yeah I don't like them. That's happened to me too. Now I avoid my finger being near them.

    • It's literally over lapping the other buttons. Sounds like no one uses them... so why are they there! ? ! ?

    • I bet someone that has an influence in the development of the site right some would scroll each question that way. Bad idea in my opinion though. I would have looked at then like 😕

What Girls Said 4

  • I hate them almost as much as when you accidentally click the Done button and hit submit too soon >.<

    There's so much clutter crammed on to a small screen. I'd rather they do away with the arrows all together. It's inefficient to browse through questions one at a time and clutters my cache.

  • Side tabs? I have no problems with them.

  • Oh my gosh I didn't notice that! They don't get in my way haha

  • I have no problem with them