How come when you ask who down voted you while answering a question no one owns up to it and admits it?

If someone asks me if I down voted them and if I did I will ow up to it and tell them or if they asked who down voted them I would tell them it was me. I have already been blocked by like at least 15 people so you shouldn't fear being blocked.

  • Its cause most people are fake and don't have the guts to admit it
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  • People have a fear of being blocked so they don't own up to it
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  • Voted A. Most people who downvote but don't comment, do it habitually or for no valid reason.


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What Girls Said 1

  • It's because people move on to the next question and put whatever you said out of mind.

    • What about the ones who don't do that? They will constantly go back to reading that question and we know this cause they will make several comments and have discussions in one certain question.

What Guys Said 4

  • because they know that it will result in conflict which I guess those people aren't interested in engaging in

  • why does it matter. Are they not allowed to not like what you said. Even then there is the entirety of gag it's more than likely someone else

  • honestly most won't see your response im sure it's not cause they will get blocked or don't have the guts to admit it

  • People don't downvote and then come back later to see if their downvote provoked a reaction. They don't care enough for that, they've got better things to do. They move on.

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