Why did you remove the 'unhelpful' option is report?

Many people answer my questions with 'i don't know' to get xpers. how can i report them? it is very annoying and i don't like it. me waiting a loooong time for an answer and then they answer just to be the first and get xpers. how can i remove them?


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  • "Nonsense" actually. "Unhelpful" was abused because if someone said "My opinion is... " and you didn't like it but it was valid you could report it under "unhelpful". It was a nasty loophole they terminated.


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  • you can't remove them yourself but you can report it as nonsense since it in no way relates to the question being asked.

  • Lol you are right , there are many xper hunters

    • yes! i asked "can somebody help me with this advice..." and then after i waited for 2 days i saw a notification on it. i was like "FINALLY" and then i saw "sorry i don't know"

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