How to become Xper 2 level?

How to become Xper 2 level? )) What does it mean?


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  • You need to 150 earn Xper points.

    How to earn? Check this =>

    What is Xper?
    GirlsAskGuys utilizes a point system to recognize every member of the site for the invaluable expertise they provide to our community. The point system is based on the actions a member takes, such as asking questions or sharing opinions. This point system also encourages a greater level of participation with more value given to better opinions.

    While a member cannot lose points for any action, (s) he may lose potential points when his/her questions, opinions, comments, takes, profile information, etc. are removed during moderation. By moderating user actions, GirlsAskGuys not only provides better quality content, but also ensures that more points are given to those who deserve them.


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  • Just get 150 xper points. I just got it. It allows you to post up to 5 q's a day. You can attach links and video to opinions and q's.

  • Just get more xper points...

    You can do it by.

    Selecting mho
    Asking questions
    Answering questions
    Getting mhos


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  • Post more opinions, ask more questions (just don't ask randomly), post comments on myTakes.
    It means your points are between 150 and 299.

    Here's more information:

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