Automatic "Show More" on Scroll: how to click the bottom links?

I really do love the SHOW MORE automatically when you scroll to the bottom of the page, but how are you supposed to click "Contact" or "FAQ" on the live feed?

Or should you just go to another page on the site? I mean, now that I'm posting a question, I can actually click the bottom banner, after all.

Also, I'm a bit curious how you guys made scroll detection work so well with JQuery Mobile. That's what you seem to be using on the phone, but we had issues with implementing that at work. How do you know how far down you are? :D


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  • Does this happen automatically? I still have to press the button to 'show more' :/

    • I noticed the order of the opinion has changed again. Those I follow don't appear on the top of the list anymore :/

    • Thanks Mesonfielde ^^

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  • Yepp, we are aware of the footer issue, and working on it, thanks for noticing it and bringing it up.
    As for the scroll detection, our dev team did an awesome job on detection, we played with the detection rule a bit and found the most optimum.

    • It's cool, I am just not sure how you see the scroll event. It wasn't working for us unless we used scrollstart, but yours seamlessly refreshes at around 80% without user interaction. I think I will have to look at the code through Chrome later, I am curious :D

      Maybe you are using iscroll4, but who knows without seeing it! Anyways, well done. Scroll detection is evil with Jquery Mobile and in general.

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  • I hate all the new updates on GaG. That area step backwards and make the site seen far less well designed and out together.

    Who decided on all the new features? They are awful and so pointless.

    • The automatic Show More on scroll was pretty nice.

      But this sex-based limitation? Utterly crap.

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    • I very very rarely click on any featured question or take. Subconsciously they are Google ads and skip over them. Same as Google search results, I instantly ignore the first top three out of habit, so the featured thing annoys me too... plus they stay forever and are usually rubbish and as you said, take up a stupid amount of space.

    • I'm getting my question regarding how I think the new sex filter is completely wrong featured, though.

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  • I didn't know there was a scroll more feature (shows how much XP I've had with this site)
    I'm guessing that the reason it is doing that is because you are using the site on a mobile device which formats differently. Try using it on a desktop.
    Never had this problem on mobile or desktop

    • It's a new feature! It's only a minor oversight and only on the live feed.

      I really DO love this feature! having to click show more was tedious

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    • Wait I'm confused, I thought you were asking us for help? But you already seem to know what to do, so how come you asked this question? I really don't get it

    • You can't click the links at the bottom of the live feed because it loads the next comments!

      But it's okay because it works on other pages. It's just an oversight, really.

      Obviously I figured out a workaround. It's just that currently it doesn't work as intended, as you cannot access "contact" or "FAQ" from the live feed.

  • Sometimes it works, sometimes it didn't. Did you notice that?

    • Hmm it works for me always so far

    • Oh I got it. If you want to reach at the bottom, you need to tap ( X ) on your browser to stop the page from loading.

  • Is it possible to disable this feature? I find it kinda difficult