Is discussion about censorship not allowed?

GAG removed a question of mine regarding censorship, as it was ostensibly considered "nonsense". I suppose that's a reason to burn books too...

It was completely genuine (and non-offensive) question regarding an earlier question which was removed because it was deemed nonsense. No one (who commented anyway) seemed in the least bothered by it, and I felt our interchanges were interesting, engaging and polite. Will GAG not allow any critique?

  • It is, someone's just got it in for me.
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  • No it's not, you can't talk about arbitrary rules.
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So now they've reinstated the original question:

But still removed the second one, which was arguably more interesting and meaningful.


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  • Questions asking about a post's removal are just clutter, no one can really help you (aside from pointing out the rules and speculating), an Admin might come across it but there's already a direct way to contact the Admins with your questions, so yeah.

    • Well I would like to be able to see the opinions I had on it. The question wasn't just about the removed question it also contained some broader discussion which I see no reason to be blocked, it certainly wasn't offensive. Anyway they've reinstated the original question (for now...) anyway.

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What Girls Said 2

  • censorship on gag?

    • I think you saw this question: (unless I'm thinking of someone else), I just noticed they reinstated it. Before I noticed that I'd got a message saying they'd taken down my other question (which I think you commented on) for being nonsense, which it certainly was not.

    • They'll probably take this one down too...

    • Was that you that commented on my other question?

  • I'm constantly being censored here, so I'm like whatever.

    • For insignificant things, or do you think there's cause for it?

      They took this down earlier: (No idea why they put it back up...)

      And then they more recently removed a question talking about censorship of what they deem "nonsense", which was apparently itself nonsense.

    • For insignificant things, such as eating my neighbour's dog and another stuff related to rape.

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  • countless retarded posts and polls get nada and your question looks completely ok. You getting on somebody's tits, looks like.

  • GAG has the right to take down anything they consider offensive or spam. There are people signing up every day and admins will monitor on what it´s considered representative to the site and what isn´t.

    • They have the power to take down anything.

      I'm not saying (that doesn't mean I don't think otherwise though) they shouldn't have that power, I'm asking why they choose to exercise it in such a way.

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    • Then I would suggest to contact them directly.

    • I have. I wanted the views of others on this matter.


  • this site isn't that great any ways.

    females with insecurities make this place fun.

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