I am trying to find someone on this site She is a girl that I am trying to find ?

Ok.. i had an account on this site before called ajdfj. but i found this name stupid.
I changed my profile but the thing is that i had a girl that i kinda liked called (loveyourself) and some numbers. i wanted now to meet her again.. if she wants me to text again just write a comment if she doesn't want me to text her also write a comment but say that she doesn't want me to text her.. and i promis that i won't text her... the thing that i want to know is that she wants me or not...
If your not (loveyourself) just help me and search for her if she follows you or you follow her. or maybe you answered a question for her. if that happened notifi her to answer. If non of that happened i will just forget about her


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  • You know this sounds stalker-y as hell right? O- o

    • Why? am i doing sth. wrong?
      i left her without. saying goodbyes or tell har that i will change the profile...
      if i am wrong maybe i should back off

    • Why? Am i doing sth wrong?
      I am posting that question bec. i left her without saying goodbyes or to tell her that i will change the profile.. if i am wrong i will backoff

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  • No one ever looks for me though. :(

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